Our Story

Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.

Vincent Van Gogh

Construction has been Benjamin VandenBrink’s passion since childhood, providing both a source of income and work experience in his youth.

He began leading his own projects in 2003 and continued his business under the name Delize Inc. (a mix of the newlyweds middle names) out of a basement storage room, with this cavalier and humble utility trailer back in 2008.

For over a decade Delize Inc. has grown and served customers in the Edmonton area! 

From kitchens and basements, to bathrooms, windows, garages and decks every project is done with this mission:

Creating and restoring purpose with excellence and integrity!

The VandenBrink Family – 2019

We strive to progress each aspect of our projects quickly and smoothly, while going the extra mile from concept to completion.

Our strong work ethic and positive culture set our team apart. 

We look forward to transforming your space. 

While our business team has grown, we have also grown our family!

– Benjamin and Charlene VandenBrink